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Big Fish Casino - free download game Big Fish Casino
Farm Up - free download game Farm Up
My Singing Monsters - free download game My Singing Monsters
Phantasmat: Crucible Peak - free download game Phantasmat: Crucible Peak
Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches - free download game Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches
Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella - free download game Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella
Gardenscapes 2 - free download game Gardenscapes 2
Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst Coll - free download game Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst Coll
Big City Adventure: Tokyo - free download game Big City Adventure: Tokyo
Gardenscapes 2 - free download game Gardenscapes 2

Time management games

Youda Sushi Chef
Youda Sushi Chef - free download game Build your own Sushi restaurant emporium and become an authentic Sushi Chef. Youda Sushi Chef lets you become a sushi master!... More info
Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills Collector's Edi
Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills Collector's Edi - free download game Meet Flo and the other DinerToons as youthful DinerTeens, working their first summer job at Mr. Big’s theme park restaurants!... More info
Hospital Haste
Hospital Haste - free download game Help Nurse Sally work quickly to diagnosis, treat, and cure all of her patients in Hospital Haste, a fun Time Management game!... More info
Kindergarten - free download game You may have cared for a baby once or twice in your life, but can you run an entire daycare? Try it in this adorable time management game.... More info
Shaman Odyssey - Tropical Adventure
Shaman Odyssey - Tropical Adventure - free download game Although a tropical Laguna seems like a great place to live, not everything is so simple! Reunite your tribe in Shaman Odyssey!... More info
Cake Mania Main Street
Cake Mania Main Street - free download game Help Jill and her closest friends earn enough money to revitalize Main Street by opening four different shops in Bakersfield!... More info
Sushi To Go Express
Sushi To Go Express - free download game Help Tony Tortuga start his very own sushi delivery service and become the best in town! Dive into an exciting underwater world!... More info
Fix-It-Up: World Tour
Fix-It-Up: World Tour - free download game Help Kate expand her car-repair empire all over the world! Purchase cars, fix them up in workshops and sell them!... More info
Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt
Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt - free download game Become ancient Egypt`s greatest architect and construct famous monuments as you raise an empire from the sands of time!... More info
Club Control 2
Club Control 2 - free download game Bring a party to the wilderness in this Time Management game, and rock the Paradise Islands like never before in Club Control 2!... More info
Create-A-Mall - free download game Become a mall developer by creating exciting malls with great stores. Upgrade these stores to attract customers and earn money!... More info
Garden Defense
Garden Defense - free download game Backyards across Lindencroft are under attack by pests! Help the Smiths repel and defeat the enemy one garden at a time!... More info
Wedding Dash 4-Ever
Wedding Dash 4-Ever - free download game Prepare for another wedding season with Quinn! Plan the ultimate wedding in Wedding Dash 4 Ever, a fast-paced Time Management game.... More info
Royal Envoy Collector's Edition
Royal Envoy Collector's Edition - free download game Take the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands, Islandshire, from the merciless forces of nature.... More info
Alice's Teacup Madness
Alice's Teacup Madness - free download game Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole! To earn enough money to get home, she must serve tea and pastries to whimsical characters!... More info
My Life Story
My Life Story - free download game Survive the ordeals of modern day life as you strive toward the career of your dreams in My Life Story, a fun Builder game!... More info
Fashion Boutique
Fashion Boutique - free download game Maya is off to live her dream and make her name in the world of fashion! Help balance Maya’s life and career in Fashion Boutique.... More info
Teddy Tavern: A Culinary Adventure
Teddy Tavern: A Culinary Adventure - free download game Teddy is going to pursue his dream of becoming a master chef. Can you help Teddy win the Culinary Competition?... More info
My Kingdom for the Princess 2
My Kingdom for the Princess 2 - free download game Help Arthur clear the land, stop invaders, and work with magical beings to save Princess Helen from a terrible dwarf!... More info
Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie
Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie - free download game Join Scarlett, the star of Farm Frenzy 3, as she puts robots to work on her land. Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie promises a bumper crop of fun!... More info
Everything Nice
Everything Nice - free download game Help Abby run the NiceCorp Factory by filling orders for toys and other wonderful goodies! Use the Wondermachine9000 to succeed.... More info
Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette
Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette - free download game Grow crops, feed animals, collect produce and manufacture goods to feed hungry astronauts in this exciting Farm Frenzy adventure!... More info
Sally's Studio Collector's Edition
Sally's Studio Collector's Edition - free download game Join Sally as she travels the world helping people feel their best! Warm up on the beach, find balance at a retreat and lots more!... More info
Making Mr. Right
Making Mr. Right - free download game Help Dr. Love complete her research into helping men find love by teaching them the personal skills needed to meet a partner!... More info
Jane's Realty 2
Jane's Realty 2 - free download game Ready for new adventures? Then help Jane turn a small town that has been badly damaged by a powerful earthquake into a real Paradise!... More info
Photo Mania
Photo Mania - free download game Ellie needs you help to make her dream of becoming a famous photographer come true!... More info
Potion Bar
Potion Bar - free download game Sell a Potion - Save the World! Learn how to make Rainbow Spray, Vampire Fangs Potions, and many more in Potion Bar!... More info
The Apprentice - Los Angeles
The Apprentice - Los Angeles - free download game Play for the top spot in the Trump Organization in this innovative twist on resource management-style games.... More info
Monkey Business
Monkey Business - free download game To become a great zoologist, you have to master the ins and outs of Monkey Business.... More info
Champion Chef
Champion Chef - free download game Cook it up with Jenny as she travels around the world and studies the cuisines of different countries!... More info
Funny Miners
Funny Miners - free download game Explore the land of gnomes. Manage your miners to get precious gems and gold! Keep them in good shape and become fabulously rich!... More info
Fairy Godmother Tycoon
Fairy Godmother Tycoon - free download game As the entrepreneur, it is up to you to build a thriving potion empire and climb the ranks of the Fairy Godmothers operation.... More info
Incredible Express
Incredible Express - free download game Build a railway, operate railroad points and semaphores to help your trains avoid crashes and to deliver cargo in time!... More info
Dress Shop Hop
Dress Shop Hop - free download game From the makers of Diner Dash comes Dress Shop Hop, a fashion-focused Time Management game!... More info
Ye Old Sandwich Shoppe
Ye Old Sandwich Shoppe - free download game Help Elise run the very first Sandwich Shoppe in this fast-paced Time Management game!... More info
Pizza Chef 2
Pizza Chef 2 - free download game Run a chain of classy restaurants and cook like a real professional in Pizza Chef 2, a fun and exciting Match 3 game!... More info
Road to Riches
Road to Riches - free download game After being fired from his job, John`s on the move running his own trucking business in this Time Management showdown.... More info
Lovely Kitchen
Lovely Kitchen - free download game Help Mary achieve her dreams and start her very own Lovely Kitchen in this exciting Time Management game!... More info
Passport to Perfume
Passport to Perfume - free download game Travel around the world finding the rare ingredients required to make the perfect perfume in this fast-paced Time Management game!... More info
Hotel Dash: Suite Success
Hotel Dash: Suite Success - free download game Flo’s helping Quinn get into the hotel business! Deliver luggage and provide guests with everything they need to stay happy!... More info
Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition
Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition - free download game Sara is back in a new exotic adventure! Design and decorate your ranch and corral exotic animals in this Time Management game.... More info
Sally's Spa
Sally's Spa - free download game Relax and Refresh in Sally’s Spa and melt away the stress by giving your customers Facials, Hot Stones Massages and much more!... More info
Santa's Super Friends
Santa's Super Friends - free download game Mr. Stink stole all the toys. Help Santa's SuperFriends make enough toys for all the good girls and boys!... More info
The Office
The Office - free download game Can you survive the zany workplace of NBC`s comedy The Office? Play the fast-paced frenzied fun of the Emmy Award-winning series.... More info
Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source
Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source - free download game Help friendly towns grow and glow by generating clean energy. Build solar towers and wind farms to make Build-a-lot green!... More info
Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard
Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard - free download game Help Katya become a master of potion preparation in this fun Time Management game, and help find the lost wizard, Took!... More info
Amelie's Cafe
Amelie's Cafe - free download game Amelie`s grandfather has taken a long-deserved vacation, and he left her in charge of his once-famous café... More info
Costume Chaos
Costume Chaos - free download game Get into the groove of the costume rental business, helping customers dress for party success!... More info
Sunshine Acres
Sunshine Acres - free download game Plow to your heart`s content in this field of dreams, filled with 30 fertile levels in this Time Management harvest.... More info
Kukoo Kitchen
Kukoo Kitchen - free download game Cook with an intergalactic canine confectioner and serve up tasty treats to extra-terrestrials in this Time Management game!... More info